Meet the Team

Jack Adkins

Managing Director

Jack Adkins established the brand over 25 years ago and has worked tirelessly to build, structure and shape the Adkins Research Group into what it is today. Midlands on View is his pride and joy! When he is not at his desk, he can be found cleaning, painting or polishing to keep Midlands on View clean and tidy.

Bert Booth

Manager of Midlands on View

Bert has to be the most dedicated member of the team with over 25 years in the company and still going. He is the man in the know when it comes to research. If he isn’t shifting furniture or chasing mp3 players, he can be found ensuring all your research has been professionally recorded whilst still finding the time to have a brew and a biccy. Without this man, the world of research would be an empty place!

Annette Madden

Operations Director

Annette is a highly skilled Operations Director who has been working for Adkins Research Group since it was established as a privately owned Limited Company in 1989. She is responsible for the daily quoting and delivery of projects and is directly supported by her management team. She brings a great mix of experience and knowledge to the research industry.